Sunday, June 2, 2013

Having fun with my paper wall tape with holes!

 I had taken a class and the instructor used this tape that was used by carpenters. I found it in her shop but it was $11.00 , plus shipping. So I went on a search in the building supply stores and no one had it! Then I found it on a bidding site and I went a little crazy and ended up with an entire box. Just playing with it on my canvas I used it three different ways. I place the white tape on my canvas, the craft color backing I also put on my canvas with matte medium, and then used some more as a stencil with white gesso. I love the texture of the tape, it feels like watercolor paper with holes all over.

I had fun using it on a paper bag as a gift wrap. I plan to
use it in my stash art journals, and may try it as tabs in them also.


Janelle Nichol said...

Love this idea! This canvas looks great!

Janelle Nichol said...

Love this idea! Your canvas turned out great!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

This is an awesome design. Love the canvas with all its layers and textures. On my bucket list but no clue where to start!!!
Enjoying SUNSHINE and still some Wet Fields. Have a fun week.