Saturday, October 15, 2011

My fall artsy roadtrip full of happenstance!

 I  and my artsy friend Jane went on a Roadtrip to check out an art shop in Hastings, Mn.
 Friday October 14th!
 The day turned sunny and was full of surprises.
 I had heard about this shop from an artist I met briefly in Rochester.  " Betsy " and I  had exchanged emails and I sent her a message that I was going to take a fall drive and would like her to contact me of where her shop was and of where a good place to eat would be for my friend and I.
 I did not here from her ( she had been ill, that is why I did not hear from her ) but headed off to the two hour or so journey to Hastings, I or Jane had not been there before.
The minute we drove into town we saw a sign for tour times for the LeDuc Historic Estate.... If you ever go to Hastings it is a must to see.
It is so hard to write in a blog post of all the happenstance of the day, but after touring Estate we headed to the downtown area because all I knew is the shop was on second street. We drove down second and did not see the shop but did see a garage sale sign that said fishing, scrapbooking and kids stuff on it. Well we  had to stop at the garage sale and out from the house came " Betsy"!

That was the first of many happenstance moments of the day! We ended up with another  beautiful house and garden tour, great finds at the garage sale, getting to shop at the store when closed and under remodeling!
Best of all two new, very kind Artsy friends, Betsy and Anne..... they made our day!

  Here are a few pics of
fall at the LeDuc Estate.

                                                   Please do not copy my pictures, thank you.
                                                      Please do not copy my pictures, thank you.
    Please do not copy my pictures, thank you.


art bliss said...

Isn't it food for the soul when a day seems to be tailor made just for you! What a gorgeous place this is...the stuff of dreams to actually live there.

Kasia said...

This looks like a great trip! And excuisite sites! :)


Nola said...

As I read this I thought you'd find a 'second hand store' on Second St....LOL!

Hey, make ACEO art cards or note cards from you window and fretwork photos and list them and I'll buy 'em!!!

Let me know if you do so, okay?