Sunday, July 3, 2011

Art journaling class

I  had given my nieces daughter a gift card for Christmas. It was for an " afternoon of art" making a artsy stash Journal. On Saturday, July 2nd  Dharma age 10 was able to come to play. She brought her cousin Faith  age 9. We had  a lot of fun, and got so busy I did not get pictures of the finished journals, Dharma's mom made one also. I did take some pictures of my creative studio before they came. It was fun to have the table ready, and to see the look on Dharmas face when she entered the room!
 All three of the journals turned out so cute.  As they buckled in the car for their ride home... they got there journals out to look at again!
 A picture of my desk, all cleaned ready for company.


craftattack said...

Lovely idea, those kids will treasure their journals now! HUgs, Valerie

Lori E said...

Come on now...we really want to see the after pictures of the workspace. The one with the ink everywhere and the paper trimmings all over.
None of this nice tidy desk stuff.
What a nice gift.

Kasia said...

WoW! The kids will be super happy, and I love the stamps above your desk! Look how many! LOL I keep mine in a box! But you have yours so well organized!


Mary said...

WOW ! what a wonderful space and a fantastic idea.