Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Nola

 Hi Nola,
 My Artsy ~ Etsy ~  friend with a wonderful imagination.
Here is your one flower in a vase.
 Just sending you a smile!
  I don't collect angels, I just have this grouping of three...
I just couldn't leave the aligator one in the store!

 Have a great day.


craftattack said...

Love your alligator angel, really unusual! Hugs, Valerie

Nola said...

Thanks so much for the LOVELY Blossom in a Bud Vase, made my day, really!

I am gathering my own 'art' and some clippings, quotes, etc. to start my art journal I purchased from you (soon, I hope!)

I posted about it on Facebook and my artist friend there, Nova, came and visited you on etsy...please check out her unique creative style...her colors are varied as an artist's palette can be! You will LOVE her art...I bought one from her and turned it into a 'perpetual calender' of sorts by writing my children and grandchildren's names and birthdates hidden in the design!

She should see your circular mats and coasters...I'll have to tell her about those, too.

I haven't done the coasters yet, will post them when I do.

Thanks again, Barb, for the fine flower!

You are so kind and thoughtful!