Tuesday, May 3, 2011

6 am Easter Sunrise

We have a cross at church for Easter, that on Good Friday is draped in black. The cross was made from the trunk of one of the large trees we had donated from a members property years ago.
Years ago a family would have a Florist shop do fresh flowers,  in memory of there parents, for Easter Sunrise. When that came to an end, the cross seemed so bare at our Sunrise service I decided I would give it a try. Very few people in our church knows who has done this. I don't care to have credit in the bulletin.
My dear hubby helped figure out how to attach it to the cross. I was concerned about the cost of the flowers but a friend and fellow member wanted to donate towards the flowers. I had run into her at one of many supermarkets in a large town 30 miles from where we live. We chatted at the market last year, I told her I was going to try to put fresh flowers on the cross and was checking out the floral shops. 
 This year when I talked with my hubby about doing the flowers again, he said not to ask my friend to donate...... but our Lord must have had other plans because mid week before Easter I was in a different supermarket in the city and who do you think I found when shopping! Yes the same friend and the first thing she said was can I give you money to help with the flowers. What a blessing!

This picture is on Easter.
  This picture is the next Sunday, which was  our Confirmation sevice.  Last year they lasted three Sundays.

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Nola said...

What a lovely thing!

You did a fantastic job on this and I am sure you will hear:

"Well done, My good and faithful servent!" by the One you honored publicly not only in your church but here online in your blog!

Thanks for sharing good stuff, Barb!