Saturday, April 16, 2011


 Woke up to winter white this morning. Last Saturday night into Sunday morning we had a grand electrical storm and I knew it would green up the grass. It got to 80 last Sunday and this Saturday it is 34 at mid day and covered in white AGAIN!
 As you see in the pic my Erosion Bundle is still out in the weather. I placed it in January and your to bring it in sometime in April. I plan on fetching it on my birthday later this month..
If you wonder what the Erosion Bundle is all about here is the link


craftattack said...

Oh no!!!! Sorry, what a spring! But PLEASE, don't send it over here! Hugs, Valerie

Kasia said...

Ahhhh and I thought we had it bad! At least we have no more snow! But I fel for yah, I know what its like to have a nice spring day one day, and then the next you wake up to winter wonderland! o.o I cant wait to see what will come out of your spring bundle!

Have a happy (and warm) weekend!


Nola said...

Hi Barb!

I was wondering about those bundles and what a great idea...can I use it?

I already have some ideas of things to wrap up and give to Mother Nature as I type this comment.

Thanks...I even like your bundle as is...lovely paper or fabric it is wrapped in!


Lottie said...

I am really enjoying reading your blog and catching up on past posts.

We are having a heatwave and you have snow.

Just as we did this time last year - funny old thing - the weather!

Marilyn Girling said...

Can't wait to see what is in your bundle. I've never heard of these before - fascinating!