Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sweet and Funny Note from my Etsy friend Nola!

 I just wanted to share this note I got after Nola  who purchased my Art at the Table,   recycled (hot pads)! First of all Nola and I have purchased from each other on Etsy....  we have never met in person but I just know we could meet for lunch and would have no problem visiting for hours as if we were long lost friends..... She even sent me a  huge box of mens ties... someday I will come up with a grand idea of what I can do with them...   see below the kind and funny note and her pic she sent of what she did with her purchase from me... I want to thank her for letting me use her picture and what a cool way to remember a family holiday!  I love your  family "Trivia Trivet".... and your art work... Nola.... I just love what you did with this blank canvas.

 Nola wrote the following

 I'll never have to make a 'to do' list for my Thanksgiving or Easter Holiday Dinners's all on these table mats!

Meal and folks (including someone's dogs) attending are usually the same every year and I jotted some memories of past one's while I was at young son calling his uncle Dick instead of Dave (he'd never met him as he'd been gone for over 6 years without any of us knowing where he was), my sister-in-law dumping the only 2 pies we had that year at the front door as she tripped over the threshold, the fact that the pitcher of milk was for 'looks' only on my country one ever drank it with their meal (pop for kids, coffee for us) and then I noted that I crashed on the couch when the guests went home...really! That's how it goes at Aunt Geo.s!

I mentioned the usual serving dishes I have in the old cupboard that I only use on Holidays and where they came from if heirlooms or family pieces and the table decorations I always use, too.

I say every year that Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday but Easter is always EASIER! You let the alphabet show thru on the mat, so I got the idea from that to say EZ as ABCs. I was gonna put more little drawings on them, but it was more important to me for them to be more of a journal or diary of the day.

Thanks...I can't wait to do the same with the art joural....

 YOUR VERY WELCOME NOLA, I am so glad you loved your purchase and the extra I sent to such a generous person ~ you!

  Here is a pic how they
looked when she ordered them.
 Thanks again Nola for letting me share and I so appreciate you and your fun notes you send me!
You are a blessing!


Kasia said...

This is so lovely! I must visit this Etsy store... everyone seems to be on it! I have the same issue! Thanksgiving is my favorite, but I think Christmas is my most busy/hectic holiday ;) Thanks for the share!


Tin Can Tart said...

The note made me smile and how nice to have feedback.What a good idea the mats are I bet you are like me and have boxes and boxes of things that may come in useful.

craftattack said...

Lovely work and some great inspiration! Valerie