Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Oh Spring please come.

     This is a little Chunky card I made to go
        with a gift for ( Shhhh ) I have not
        delivered it yet and she may visit my blog!               
      Don't you just love the colors of this vintage art.

      Our yard is still all white with snow.....
    when oh when will it ever go....
   Oh spring oh spring please come.


Kasia said...

Thank You for stopping by in my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Im at your place as we speak ;) I love birds, and your roosters are wonderful! I love the colours and teh feel! So peaceful and pastel. Hugs

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What a wonderful idea dotting the borders. A fab finishing touch. Off to read more. Love your use of colour btw. x

Katarina said...

Hi Barb. By using a "nestie" I mean that I'm using a spellbinders nestablities die. I call them nesties just like I call my cuttlebug a "cutie" or "bug" :D

Lottie said...

Oh how I just adore this vintage image - it's gorgeous, and what a wonderful work of art you have created.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and yes I have been poorly but on the mend now thank you.

Chickens - how much work? you ask.

Well I keep rare breed bantams because they do not wreck the garden, are so easy to keep, and not a lot of work at all.