Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember to Take the Camera

Another blessing seen today.
Today, a day off work, I had my 45 minute drive to my hairdresser for a cut.
Now Lyn is no ordinary person.... Lots younger than me, but we connect... she is blooming into creating art, such a kind person, always upbeat. We both love the same style of decor and she is getting into flower gardening! Anyway.... on this winter drive in bluff country of Southeastern Mn, from Fountain to Mabel... it was just amazingly beautiful. A morning with hoarfrost that covered every branch on the trees and between Harmony and Mabel.... I saw a Amish buggy on a side road and the horse had the most elegant stride I have ever seen. The backdrop of the frost covered landscape.... it was an amazing scene...
Reminder to Self: Always take my husbands nice camera on my drive to Mabel.
I hope you were able to picture this in your mind.
The word of the day: hoar·frost (hôr frôst, -fr st, h r-) n. Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface. Also called white frost.

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Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fountain to Mabel..are you near Lanesboro? We ride bikes on the awesome trails there. Totally LOVE that area. Your blog is awesome. Love peepin around!!!!