Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hi from Leaflizard to all stampers, ATC traders and Letterboxers..
I hope to learn and share creative ideas.
My motto " I try to stay to just Stamping and where ever it leads me.. "It is so fun to create!


Sara said...

Hi Barb!
Nice to see you've started a blog!

To upload a picture to your blog, just go to: New post, then above where you type will be a "picture box" and then you can get your picture file from your computer with all kinds of options like size, placement, etc.

If you need help feel free to email me.

I've found helpful for lots of things.

Kathi B said...

Hi There! Welcome to the blogging world.

I see you like letterboxing. I was reading up on that and was considering giving it a try. Have you been doing it long? It sounds like ti would be fun and interesting.

Dawn said...

I was just comming to help you too.. Looks like sara beat me to it. Have fun blogging. It's fun to see new bloggers and see what they are doing in different parts of the world. Hope to see some pics soon....